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Staff Page

Ramona LaFrance

Ramona La France has been a board member of My Anti Gang Inc for three years and has been working side by side with the founders to promote and organize My Anti Gang Inc. As a native of Southern California, she has chosen occupations which have allowed her to serve the public and prevent the youth from going down the wrong path. Ramona’s educational background has equipped her with the tools to serve. After graduating from high school, Ramona enrolled into California State University of Long Beach. She majored in Criminal Justice and conducted her internship at California Youth Authority. She performed the task of Parole Officer’s Assistant, which included job placement and education.

Immediately following graduation, Ramona was hired by Orange County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff. As a Deputy, Ramona worked in both maximum and medium security facilities. There she performed many tasks, which included supervising work crews and placing minimum security inmates in off site jobs. In 1988, Ramona lateraled to the Inglewood Police Department and held positions as an Officer and a Sergeant. During her career, she developed a multitude of expertise in several areas (Homicide, Fraud, Burglary, and Gang Violence). It is her expertise in and knowledge of street gangs that is beneficial to.

My Anti Gang Inc in 1996, Ramona graduated from the University of Southern California Juvenile Delinquency Control Institute. This formal eight week program trained and prepared Ramona for the challenges of redirecting youth and young adults from the violence in the streets. Ramona was also a School Resource Officer. In that position, she mentored students regarding survival skills for the inner city and life skills, lectured classes of students on how to stay safe in the streets, and conducted D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) instruction. Over the course of Ramona’s profession and personal life, she has demonstrated a willingness and dedication to mankind and especially to the youth who have a great disadvantage. Ramona is a proud member of and an asset to My Anti Gang Inc.