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Staff Page

Damon Toregano

Damon Toregano is a native of Gardena, California. He became involved in gangs at an early age which led him to be incarcerated by the California Youth Authority. While incarcerated, one of the California Youth Authority counselors made a positive impact on him, encouraging him to better his future by obtaining his General Education Diploma and completing several college courses. This made Damon decide to change his life and helped him prepare a positive road map for success.

Once released, Damon started performing small tasks for different real estate companies, while earning referral fees for clients brought to the company. He eventually started working for Troop Commercial Real Estate, where he earned the position of Head of Property Research and Client Development. His job consisted of finding locations for franchises such as McDonald’s, Subway, and Jack in the Box and for personal clients seeking locations that fit their company's criteria.

While working as Head of Property Research and Client Development, Damon began attending “Gang Cease Fire” meetings, where local gang members came together to find positive solutions to stopping gang violence. Being an ex-gang member, and realizing that gang banging was not the right way of living, he joined with his childhood friends and went back to his own community to help stop gang violence. This positive team leadership led to them starting their own organization called My Anti Gang Inc. .